Noise Control Specialist provides acoustic soundproofing materials, acoustic absorption materials, and offers assistance in designing acoustical solutions that will help mitigate noise and control sound in commercial environments.

Commercial environments pose many unique challenges when it comes to acoustics. Many times an expert in noise control strategies is required to effectively solve acoustic problems in these environments. With our team of expertly trained professionals and extensive line of acoustic soundproofing materials, Noise Control Specialist can help solve these issues.

Conference Rooms

Conference rooms serve many purposes: from private discussions to productive meetings. If a conference room has poor acoustic properties (hard surfaces, no insulation, gaps in doors, drop tile ceilings, or drywall that doesn't go to the deck) you may experience speech intelligibility due to reverberation (echo) or risk loss of sensitive information due to a poorly constructed space. Our extensive line of Acoustic Wall Panels, Acoustic Ceiling Panels, and Acoustic Soundproofing Materials can help solve these problems.

Private Offices

Whether you are a CEO, Attorney, Doctor, Nurse, or HR director; do you want your employees, patients or clients listening in on private conversations? This can pose serious legal issues. HIPPA,

GLBA, and other federal regulations guard against private information becoming public. Soundproofing these areas can guard against sensitive conversations being heard. We offer a myriad of acoustic soundproofing materials that can keep your conversations private.

Call Centers

Call Centers are inherently problematic when it comes to acoustics. Open spaces with high ceilings and hard surfaces are the norm. This makes for speech intelligibility issues and poor employee productivity. With the addition of Acoustic Wall Panels, Acoustic Ceiling Panels, or any combination acoustic soundproofing materials and acoustic absorber materials can help improve the acoustics in these environments.

Lunch and Break Rooms

These areas are almost always constructed with high ceilings and hard surfaces. This can have a negative effect on speech intelligibility and can even damage hearing. Our Acoustic Wall Panels, Acoustic Ceiling Panels, Acoustic Baffles, Acoustic Banners, WHISPERWAVE Clouds, or any combination of our acoustic absorption materials will help lower reverberation levels in these spaces

Lobbies & Waiting Areas

Typically lobbies and waiting areas in office environments have high ceilings and hard surfaces making speech intelligibility a problem. There is also the issue of privacy if you are a law firm or healthcare provider. Our wide array of Acoustic Absorption and Soundproofing Materials will help in the noise abatement strategy and ensure privacy.

HVAC & Machinery

Mechanical noise control can be a huge issue and extremely annoying. Chillers, HVAC units, and manufacturing equipment can cause structural noise, airborne noise, and reverberation. We offer a wide variety of products that help keep industrial noise under control. Acoustic Blankets, Acoustic Enclosures, Acoustic Foam, Acoustic Composite Material, Mass Loaded Vinyl Sound Barrier, and/or a combination of soundproofing and sound absorption materials can be part of the noise abatement strategy.


The Noise Control Specialist experts have years of experience helping customers with noise abatement strategies in commercial environments. We understand that no two spaces are alike and this is why we offer such a wide variety of soundproofing and noise control products.

Our extensive product offering includes Acoustic Wall Panels, Acoustic Art Panels, Acoustical Ceiling Panels, Acoustic Ceiling Clouds, Acoustic Ceiling Baffles, Acoustic Stretch Wall Systems, Acoustic Blankets, Acoustic Enclosures, Acoustic Foams, Acoustical Fabrics, Acoustic Door Seal Kits, and Acoustic Sealants to meet the need of each unique acoustical problem.

Call one of our experienced technical sales representatives today to help you design the perfect acoustical solution for your specific situation. With our understanding of acoustic pitfalls in commercial applications and extensive product offering, you have a trusted resource to help solve the most difficult acoustical challenges.

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