Soundproofing schools and providing acoustical materials to educational facilities is one our many specialties!

The Technical Sales Representatives at Noise Control Specialist are experts at helping customers design and implement acoustical solutions specifically designed for educational facilities and schools.


Studies have proven that up to a 1/3 of students in school settings experience difficulty with understanding teachers in the classroom. This is due to poor speech intelligibility caused by acoustic reverberation within the space. Most classrooms are constructed with high ceilings, concrete or gypsum walls, and tile floors which are reflective surfaces. This creates an echo, or reverberation if you will. Acoustic noise absorbers such as SorbAll™ Acoustic Panels, SorbAll™ Ceiling Panels, or Acoustic Foam Panels can lower reverberation levels in the classroom and improve speech intelligibility.


School cafeterias often present acoustic challenges in educational facilities. Students are extremely loud and these areas are typically constructed with high ceilings, concrete walls, and hard surfaces that are reflective. Due to the design characteristics of the space, poor speech intelligibility is created by excessive reverberation, and acoustics become extremely problematic. Scientist have even proven that prolonged exposure to elevated noise levels caused by excessive reverberation can cause hearing loss. It is recommended that these areas be treated with acoustic absorption materials such as SorbAll™ Acoustic Wall Panels, SorbAll™ Ceiling Panels, or SorbAll™ EcoLine Acoustic Baffles, Banners, or Wall Panels.


Gymnasiums in schools and educational facilities typically produce excessive reverberation (echo) due to high ceilings, hard floors, concrete walls, bleachers, and other reflective surfaces inherent in the design and construction of these buildings.  Sound quality and acoustics can be greatly affected by these factors and impair the enjoyment of the fans or attendees. EducationTo make matters more challenging, these spaces often serve other purposes such as musical performances, rallies, or speaking events. Here at Noise Control Specialist we offer wide array of soundproofing products and acoustic solutions that will reduce noise levels and reverberation in these large spaces. SorbAll™ Acoustic Baffles, Banners, or Wall Panels are often used in these facilities due to low cost and their performance characteristics.

As experts in the field of education and school acoustics, we understand and consider national ANSI standards when recommending acoustic solutions for these facilities and a majority of our soundproofing and acoustic absorber materials carry a Class A fire rating for schools.

Our experienced technical sales representatives can help you design the perfect acoustical solution for your environment.

With our understanding of acoustics and extensive product offering you have a trusted resource to help solve even the most difficult acoustical challenges.

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