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Noise Control Specialist are experts in the field of church soundproofing and architecural acoustics. A well designed acoustical environment is integral in a house of worship. These architectural spaces are often beautiful and by design constructed of glass, stone, marble, concrete and wood. These spaces will have widely varying degrees of reverberation. Much of the timWorshipe the AV design team does not factor in room acoustics when designing the sound system which can be problematic. In our experience the simple and cost effective introduction of sound absorbing panels will improve the sound quality of the AV system and improve the congregation’s ability to hear the message.

We are well-versed in solving acoustical issues found in places of worship. We realize that no two spaces are the same and that is why we offer a wide variety of sound control products. Our extensive product offering includes acoustical wall panels, acoustical ceiling clouds and baffles, acoustical art panels, acoustical stretch wall systems, acoustical diffusers, acoustical bass traps, acoustical foams, acoustical fabrics, acoustical door seal kits, and acoustical sealants to meet the needs of each individual situation. We offer Decorative and custom designs that are available to match existing décor. With today’s progressive services we understand that live music is a large part of most services. Our experienced technical sales representatives are experts in recommending the perfect acoustical solution for your space.

Noise Control Specialist understands the importance of sound quality in houses of worship. With our understanding of the acoustical requirements in these applications, combined with our extensive product offering, you have a trusted resource to help solve your acoustical challenges.

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