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Acoustical Solutions
for Churches
and Religious


Acoustical Solutions
for Dining Areas,
and Clubs


Acoustical Solutions for Offices, Conference Rooms, Hospitals, Public Facilities


Acoustical Solutions for Gymnasiums, Classrooms, Band Halls, Auditoriums


Acoustical Solutions for Concert Venues, Auditoriums, Studios, Home Theatre


Acoustical Solutions
for Chillers, Machinary, Oil & Gas, Pump Stations

Noise Control Specialist provides acoustical soundproofing materials and architectural acoustical materials to commercial markets. Our Technical Sales Representatives are experts in the field of acoustics and will work with you to engineer an acoustical solution to solve any interior or exterior noise and sound control issues you may be experiencing.

With one of the largest selections of specialty soundproofing materials & architectural acoustic materials in the nation, Noise Control Specialist has the perfect acoustical solution for your needs. We custom design and manufacture most of our products allowing us to pass the cost savings on to our customers.

At Noise Control Specialist we understand that design characteristics and architecture need to be taken into consideration when engineering acoustical solutions for our customers. Our offering includes a wide array of decorative Acoustic Wall Panels, Acoustic Art Panels, Stretch Wall Systems, Acoustic Ceiling Clouds, Acoustic Ceiling Baffles, Acoustic Ceiling Banners, SONEX Acoustic Foams, and Guilford of Maine Acoustical Fabrics that offer custom design versatility and excellent performance.

If soundproofing or blocking noise from entering or exiting a room is your acoustical need, you may want to explore our extensive line of soundproofing materials such as BlokAll™ Vinyl Noise Barriers, BlokAll™ Drop Tile Ceiling Barrier, Custom Designed Acoustical Enclosures, Acoustical Blankets, or Acoustic Door Seal Kits.

At Noise Control Specialist, we understand acoustics and offer affordable acoustical solutions for Churches & Houses of Worship, Restaurants & Bars, Commercial, Education, Residential, Industrial, Performance, Audiovisual, Pro-Audio, OEM, Home Theater, and Audiophile applications.

Our experts are highly trained and extremely knowledgeable about the advantages of acoustic soundproofing materials, acoustic absorption materials, and acoustic composite materials in any given application or environment.

Acoustic Wall Panels

SorbAll™ Acoustic Panels
are our most popular
acoustic wall panel.

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Acoustic Ceiling Panels

CONTOUR Acoustic Ceiling Tiles
add distinction, value, and
outstanding acoustical control

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