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Soundproofing an Existing Office or Conference Room

Privacy in the Workplace - “A Guide to Office Soundproofing” “Soundproofing an existing office or conference room can be a daunting task, especially if you […]

Noise Control Specialist and Kinetics Noise Control have partnered together to provide industrial and environmental noise control solutions to customers in the TX, OK, LA, and AR markets.

Noise Control Specialist is a nationally recognized acoustical materials manufacture and supplier based in Dallas, TX. In addition to supplying and recommending acoustical materials, Noise […]

E-Bar Tex Mex, Dallas, TX

E-Bar Tex Mex, Dallas, TX - Another noisy Dallas restaurant that called Noise Control Specialist to help engineer an acoustically pleasing environment. Noise Control Specialist […]

Privacy in Healthcare Facilities: Acoustical Materials, Office Design, and Audiovisual Equipment.

This white paper really expresses the importance acoustics in healthcare facilities and how to effectively address the problem as it relates to HIPAA and patient […]

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