Acoustic materials should always be top of mind when designing, constructing, or remodeling an Auditorium, Concert Venue, Band Hall, Recording Studio, Listening Room, or Home Theater. These spaces will all have varying degrees of acoustical challenges that need to be taken into consideration.

Auditoriums/Band Halls

Auditoriums and Band Halls are typically large open spaces used for theater, plays, concerts, or speaking engagements. If acoustical considerations in the space have not been well thought out, there may be reverberation (echo) present that creates speech intelligibility issues. High ceilings, bare side walls, and hard floors are reflective surfaces and will cause reverberant noise problems. Noise Control Specialist would typically introduce acoustic materials such as Acoustic Wall Panels, Stretch Wall Systems, Acoustic Clouds, Acoustic Baffles, Acoustic Banners, or Diffusers into the space to correct acoustical performance characteristics.

Concert Venues

Concert venues usually present a lot of the same characteristics as auditoriums and band halls. High ceilings, bare side walls, and concrete floors are the norm and will cause reverberation (echo) throughout the venue. Since concert venues can be indoor or outdoor acoustic materials used within these spaces can vary. The fact that architecture and aesthetics are not the main focus in concert venues, we can typically use acoustical materials such as our EcoLine Wall Panels, Ceiling Baffles or Ceiling Banners to control reverberant noise levels and keep cost to a minimum.

Recording Studios

Recording Studios have many acoustical challenges that need to be addressed. Soundproofing the room to keep noise from entering or exiting the room is essential. Whether constructing a new studio or retrofitting an existing room, you would typically want to think about wall and ceiling construction, doors, cable runs, electrical outlets, and windows. Sound leakage areas need to be well thought out and addressed. A 1% gap will let 50% of the noise energy through an opening so this needs to be taken into consideration. Our extensive line of soundproofing materials includes Vinyl Sound Barriers, QuietGlue Pro Damping Compound, QuietGlue Acoustical Caulk, and Acoustical Door Seal Kits. Once the soundproofing strategies have been mapped out, you can move on to the interior space. When planning interior acoustic treatment strategies Noise Control Specialist recommends the introduction of acoustic materials such as absorbers and diffusers. Any combination of our Acoustic Wall Panels, SONEX Acoustic Foams, Barrel or Pyramid Diffusers, or Corner Bass Traps would be the perfect solution in these applications.

Home Theaters/Listening Rooms

Home Theaters and Listening rooms pose unique challenges when it comes to acoustics. Room size, shape, and surfaces all dictate how the theatrical or musical presentation is heard. There is also the question of aesthetics, and room décor. What about sound transferring to other areas within the space. There are many things to consider when designing a Home Theater or Listening Room. Noise Control Specialist carries a wide range of acoustic materials to help with designing the perfect room. Soundproofing materials such as Vinyl Sound Barriers, BlokAll™ Floor Underlayment, QuietGlue Pro Damping Compound, QuietPutty Sealants, and Acoustical Door Seal Kits will help with noise transfer issues. Acoustic Panels, Acoustic Art Panels, Stretch Wall Systems, and Corner Bass Traps will help with interior acoustics. Each room is unique so call us today to help design the perfect space.

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