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  • Acoustic Wall Panels

    Acoustic Wall Panels

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    Acoustic panels are used to reduce noise and control sound in many different spaces. These sound absorbing panels come in a large variety of sizes, types, and colors to meet your design, budgetary, and durability requirements. Our acoustical wall panels can be fabric-wrapped, made from fire-rated acoustic foam, or covered in perforated metal. Noise Control Specialist has the widest selection of acoustic panels in the industry and will surely be able to help recommend the perfect acoustical solution to meet your needs. Call one of our technical sales representatives today! Noise Control Specialist - “Noise and Sound Control Simplified”
  • Acoustic Ceiling Panels

    Acoustic Ceiling Panels

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    Acoustic Ceiling Panels are one of the most economical and popular choices when solving reverberation (echo) in large areas or rooms with limited space on wall surfaces. These acoustic absorber materials offer great performance and are available in custom shapes, sizes, thicknesses, and colors to match virtually any architectural or interior design. Acoustic Cloud Panels, WHISPERWAVE Acoustic Foam Cloud Panels, Acoustic Baffles, Acoustic Banners, and Acoustic Ceiling Tiles are just a few of the acoustic ceiling materials we recommend to stop noise and control sound. At the end of the day, Noise Control Specialist acoustic ceiling panels offer an affordable, cost effective solution to reverberant noise issues found in Restaurants & Bars, Churches & Places of Worship, Offices, Gymnasiums, Auditoriums, Studios, Home Theaters, Government Facilities, Animal Hospitals & Kennels, Classrooms, Police Interrogation Rooms, Manufacturing Facilities, or most any other application where noise and sound problems exist.
  • Acoustic Foams

    Acoustic Foams

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    Acoustic foam, typically referred to as sound absorbing foam or soundproof foam, is available in a variety of colors, patterns, thicknesses and NRC (noise reduction coefficient) ratings. Acoustic foams are manufactured from a Class A fire rated melamine core and can be found in the form of wall or ceiling panels, bass traps, ceiling tiles, ceiling clouds, and ceiling baffles. These products are used in many applications to include manufacturing, warehouses, recording and broadcast studios, auditoriums, churches, classrooms, police interrogation rooms, and many other facilities to mitigate noise and sound control issues. TECHLITE Acoustic Foams are available in linear, pyramid, wedge or flat patterns. TECHLITE Composite Foam sheets include an MLV barrier for applications requiring sound absorption and sound blocking capability.
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