Acoustic Cloud Panels

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  • SorbAll Acoustic Ceiling Clouds

    SorbAll Acoustic Ceiling Clouds

    SorbAll Acoustic Ceiling Clouds are our most popular acoustic ceiling panels. The SorbAll Acoustic Ceiling Clouds can be mounted vertically or horizont...

  • SorbAll EcoBoard Ceiling Clouds

    SorbAll EcoBoard Ceiling Clouds

    Our SorbAll EcoBoard Acoustic Ceiling Clouds are extremely effective at reducing unwanted reverberation or echo in rooms with hard reflective surfaces present. EcoBoard Ceiling Cloud Pane...

  • TECHLITE Wave Clouds

    TECHLITE Wave Clouds

    TECHLITE Acoustical Wave Panels are the perfect acoustical solution to loud reverberant spaces with hard reflective surfaces and provide maximum sound absorption for a wide range of appli...

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SorbAll Acoustic Ceiling Clouds