Acoustic Foams

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Acoustic foam, typically referred to as sound absorbing foam or soundproof foam, is available in a variety of colors, patterns, thicknesses and NRC (noise reduction coefficient) ratings. Acoustic foams are manufactured from a Class A fire rated melamine core and can be found in the form of wall or ceiling panels, bass traps, ceiling tiles, ceiling clouds, and ceiling baffles. These products are used in many applications to include manufacturing, warehouses, recording and broadcast studios, auditoriums, churches, classrooms, police interrogation rooms, and many other facilities to mitigate noise and sound control issues.

TECHLITE Acoustic Foams are available in linear, pyramid, wedge or flat patterns. TECHLITE Composite Foam sheets include an MLV barrier for applications requiring sound absorption and sound blocking capability.

  • TECHLITE Foam Acoustic Ceiling Baffles

    TECHLITE Foam Acoustic Ceiling Baffles

    TECHLITE Foam Acoustic Ceiling Baffles are an economical and effective acoustical solution for any space experiencing excessive reverberation (echo). TECHLITE Foam Acoustic Ceiling Baffle...

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  • TECHLITE Pyramid Foam Panel


    TECHLITE® Pyramid Acoustic Foam is an extremely effective acoustic solution for treating reverberant rooms with hard reflective surfaces that cause echo and produce speech intelligibilit...

  • TECHLITE Wave Clouds

    TECHLITE Wave Clouds

    TECHLITE Acoustical Wave Panels are the perfect acoustical solution to loud reverberant spaces with hard reflective surfaces and provide maximum sound absorption for a wide range of appli...

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TECHLITE Foam Acoustic Ceiling Baffles