BlokAll Acoustic Ceiling Barrier

BlokAll Acoustic Ceiling Barrier is an innovative soundproofing material designed to stop noise transfer between rooms with drop ceilings. The challenge with these areas is that most office spaces are poorly constructed. Drywall between offices is erected to drop tile grid instead of to the decking. This construction method allows unwanted noise to flank over the wall into adjoining areas through gaps in the ceiling grid. It is a scientific fact that a 1% gap will allow 50% of the noise energy to escape into the adjoining area. By applying BlokAll Acoustic Ceiling Barrier over an existing ceiling grid you will effectively stop unwanted noise from flanking into neighboring areas.


Law Offices

Conference Rooms

Healthcare Facilities

Executive Offices

Anywhere that privacy is a concern.

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BlokAll Acoustic Ceiling Barrier is constructed of a rugged, reinforced, aluminized-faced, 1 lb psf mass loaded limp vinyl barrier, then bonded to a scrim-faced, quilted fiberglass absorber/decoupler to provide a material with outstanding acoustical sound blocking and absorption properties.


Frequency, (Hz)125250500100020004000STC
BlokAll Barrier13162433434928


The non-lead composition of the mass loaded vinyl barrier, and quilted absorber allows for safe handling and easy installation. The fire-resistant ceiling barrier material is simply cut to length, then laid over the drop tile grid. Rolls are manufactured with an additional 6" width of barrier on one side to provide an overlap of adjacent application and an improved acoustical seal. Call for more information on installation options


BlokAll Ceiling Barrier Sizing
Standard Size: 54" x 30' Rolls (120 sq ft coverage)
Call for special sizing options

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