BlokAll™ Barrier Ceiling Tiles

Our BlokAll™ Sound Barrier Ceiling Tiles are the perfect acoustical solution for soundproofing and controlling unwanted reverberation (echo) in offices, classrooms, or any space with a drop tile ceiling. BlokAll™ Barrier Ceiling Tile easily install into existing drop ceiling grids. Our Barrier Ceiling Tiles are constructed of 1” thick #6PCF fiberglass with two unique facing options.

BlokAll™ Barrier Ceiling Tiles are unique in the fact that they provide absorption properties with a NRC rating of 0.85 and Soundproofing capabilities with a STC Rating of 26. The composite nature of the tiles offers acoustical performance not found in any other ceiling tile on the market.



  • Blocks Noise Transfer
  • Reduces Reverberation (Echo)
  • Improves Speech Intelligibility
  • Standard Size, Lay-In Grid



  • • Offices
  • • Conference Rooms
  • • Classrooms
  • • Law Enforcement Interview Rooms

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TECHNICAL Specifications:

  • Sizes: 2’x 2′, 2’x 4′
  • Thickness: 1-1/8″
  • Construction: #6 PCF Fiberboard, 1 lb. PSF MLV
  • Finish: Vinyl Pebble Grain, Nubby Cloth
  • Color: White
  • Fire Rating: Class A
  • Weight: 6 lbs. per square foot
  • Performance: NRC: 0.85 / STC: 26


Sound Absorption (HZ)



Transmisssion Loss STC (HZ)




Part #SizePricing
White Pebble Grain Vinyl Facing
N-100B2' x 2' x 1 1/8"$37.00
N-100B2' x 4' x 1 1/8"$70.00
White Nubby Cloth Facing
N-200B2' x 2' x 1 1/8"$40.00
N-200B2' x 4' x 1 1/8"$73.00
Matte Black Facing
N-50B2' x 2' x 1"$19.50
N-50B2' x 4' x 1"$37.95

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