SONEX Rondo Baffles

SONEX Rondo Baffles offer design versatility and exceptional acoustical properties. Easy to install vertically or horizontally, SONEX Rondo Baffles are ideal for a broad range of interior spaces, including Conference Rooms, Reception Areas, Libraries, Production Facilities and Stadiums.


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Rondo Baffles are a unique acoustic ceiling baffle design that can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Rondo Baffles offer exceptional acoustic absorption properties, easy installation, and are Class A fire rated for safety. Rondo Baffles are manufactured to absorb noise and improve speech intelligibility in Offices, Gymnasiums, Conference Rooms, Churches, Manufacturing Facilities, Auditoriums, or any interior space where reverberation or echo is present.


• Can be hung vertically or horizontally, above or below ceiling lights. • The distance between hanging absorbers and the ceiling has little effect on acoustic performance. Wall to Wall Cable Mount Installation • Recommended for large open areas • Baffles are arranged parallel with each other • Spacer bars may be used for arrangement and placement of baffles along the cable span Ceiling Mount Installation • Avoid hanging baffles more than 10' below ceiling (long tethering may cause baffles to sway in areas with strong air currents) • Use 1/16" cable or lightweight chain to hang baffles from the ceiling • Attach cable or chain to ceiling by looping it around ceiling joists or trusses (Anchoring eyes can also be used. Install them into the ceiling before you begin.) • Once cable or chains are in place, attach the bottom end of the cables or chains to the eye loop on top of the corkscrew hanger


ColorLengthDiameterBaffles Per BoxPer Box
Natural White24"6'12$393.00
Natural Grey24"6'12$312.00
Custom Sizes Available


Natural 6" Diameter
White or Light Grey
HPC Colors Available

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