SorbAll™ Acoustic Wall Panels

SorbAll™ Acoustic Wall Panels are our most popular acoustic wall panel. The SorbAll™ Acoustic Wall Panels offer great appearance, excellent acoustic performance, and endless design possibilities. Custom sizes, shapes, and edge options are available.

SorbAll™ Acoustic Wall Panels are the perfect acoustical solution for excessive reverberation levels (echo) and noise control problems found in Churches & Worship Facilities, Restaurants, Offices, Home Theaters, Listening Rooms, Conference Rooms, Classrooms, Studios, Performance Halls, and Auditoriums.

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SorbAll Acoustic Wall Panels are constructed using a 6-7 PCF fiberglass absorber board, edges that are chemically hardened for durability, then fabric wrapped with Guilford of Maine FR 701 Acoustical Fabric.


Frequency, (Hz)125250500100020004000NRC
1" Thick0.05
2" Thick0.29

Edge Detail

Edge Detail


Dimensions1" Thick2" Thick
2' x 2'$47.00$57.00
2' x 4'$71.00$91.00
2' x 6'$96.00$119.00
2' x 8'$113.00$143.00
2' x 10'$140.00$178.00
4' x 4'$114.00$144.00
4' x 6'$182.00$211.00
4' x 8'$216.00$279.00
4' x 10'$254.00$330.00

* Custom sizes and shapes available up to 4’ x 10’


• Impaling Clips (FREE),
• Z-Clips (Add $10.00 Per Panel),
• Rotofast Panel Anchors (Add $10.00 Per Panel)

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