SorbAll Barrier Wall Panels

Our SorbAll Barrier Wall Panels are extremely versatile as they offer the same NRC (Absorption) rating as our SorbAll Acoustic Wall Panels and include a 1 lb. PSF layer of our BlokAll MLV Barrier material. This combination allows you to not only treat interior room reverberation (echo) but block noise transmission to adjacent areas.

SorbAll Barrier Wall Panels are the perfect acoustical solution for office privacy issues where reconstructing a wall is not an option. To achieve this level of performance it is recommended that the entire wall be covered floor to ceiling.

• Noise Blocking & Sound Absorption
• Retrofit to Any Wall
• A Myriad of Color and Fabric Choices
• Custom Sizes

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Size: Custom up to 4’x10′
Thickness: 1-1/8″ or 2-1/8″
Construction: #6 PSF Fiberglass with a 1 lb. PSF MLV Barrier Material
Fire Rating: Class A
Fabric: Guilford of Maine FR701
Edge Detail: Square, Bevel, Radius, or Miter Edge


1 1/8" Panel Thickness - NRC 0.80 - 0.90

2 1/8" Panel Thickness - NRC 0.90 - 1.00


1 1/8" Panel Thickness - STC 30

1 1/8" Panel Thickness - STC 29


Custom: Call For Pricing

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