SorbAll™ High Impact Acoustic Panels

SorbAll™ High Impact Acoustic Panels are the most durable acoustic sound absorber panel we offer. Our High Impact Acoustic Panels are designed to reduce reverberation (echo) and control noise levels often found in areas with hard reflective surfaces.

SorbAll™ High Impact Acoustic Panels are the perfect acoustical solution for Gymnasiums, Concert Venues, Recreation Centers, Convention Centers, Multi-Purpose Rooms, Educational Facilities, Classrooms, Cafeterias, Industrial & Manufacturing Facilities, or any other area where a highly impact resistant and durable acoustic absorber panel is required to control noise and sound levels.

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SorbAll™ High Impact Acoustic Panels offer excellent appearance and superior acoustic performance where a highly durable, impact resistant acoustic absorber is required.

Our High Impact Acoustic Panels are constructed with a highly durable acoustic composite material using a 6-7 PCF density core and a 1/16" thick, high density, impact resistant skin laminated on the core face. The higher density face gives the SorbAll™ High Impact Acoustic Panels greater abuse resistance and a higher sound absorption rating (NRC) than our competitor’s high impact panels.

SorbAll™ High Impact Acoustic Panels can be fabric wrapped with Guilford of Maine FR701 or Anchorage acoustical fabrics, or faced with a high impact perorated vinyl facing that is available in your choice of several colors.


Frequency, (Hz)125250500100020004000NRC
1" Thick0.05
2" Thick0.29


• Impaling Clips
• Rotofast Panel Anchors
• Z-Clips – movable
• Velcro - movable


Sizing: Up to 4’ X 10’,
Custom Sizes Available
Thickness: 1⅛”, 2⅛”
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Heat formed for one piece construction Square edge only

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