WHISPERWAVE Baffles, WHISPERWAVE Acoustic Clouds, and WHISPERWAVE Acoustic Wall Panels provide exceptional acoustic performance and design flexibility that will work in any interior. Lightweight and easy to install, WHISPERWAVE Baffles are ideal for use in Classrooms, Cafeterias, Multipurpose Rooms, Indoor Swimming Pools, Offices, Libraries, Churches & Houses of Worship, Call Centers, and any other large open area where reverberation (echo) is present.


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WHISPERWAVE Baffles are available in standard or custom wave designs and provide exceptional acoustical performance across all frequencies. These sound absorbers are offered as WHISPERWAVE Baffles, WHISPERWAVE Clouds, and WHISPERWAVE Wall Panels. Easy installation, and Class 1 fire-rated for safety. Available in many sizes and colors. See color chart for details.


Natural White or GreyThickness125Hz250Hz500Hz1000Hz2000Hz4000HzNRC


  • Mounts to ceilings or walls using acouSTIC adhesive WHISPERWAVE Baffles
  • Corkscrew hangers are installed in the field for either wall-to-wall cable installation or ceiling-mounted cable
  • Can be aligned in the same direction or arranged so that every other baffle is turned 90 degrees


ColorSizeThicknessSheets Per BoxPrice
Natural White2' x 4'2"4$222.00
Natural Grey2' x 4'2"4$176.00
HPC Coated2' x 4'2"4$282.00

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