Soundproofing Restaurants & Bars is a good idea if you want more people to frequent your establishment.

If you own a restaurant, bar, or nightspot you may or may not realize that Restaurant & Bar Acoustics are horrible. Often times owners even mistakenly attribute loud noise to a positive user experience - "It’s a noisy, busy fun place to be." Not so fast there; recent studies such as the Zagat Survey (which reviewed more than 15,000 restaurants across the nation) show that poor restaurant acoustics are the most common complaint amongst restaurant-goers (more than poor service!)Clouds

It is a fact that an acoustically treated setting will entice people to come back to your establishment and spend more money. It is a huge misconception that acoustical treatments will make your space “too” quiet. In fact, effective acoustical treatments will reduce echo and reverberation, increase speech intelligibility, and provide and more comfortable experience for your guest.

We are your source for solving acoustical issues in Restaurant & Bar environments. We understand that no application is the same and that is why we offer a variety of sound control products. Our extensive product offering includes Acoustical Wall Panels, Acoustical Ceiling Clouds, Acoustical Baffles, Acoustical Art Panels, Acoustical Stretch Wall Systems, and Acoustical Foams to meet the needs of each individual situation. We also offer decorative and custom designs to match your existing interior décor.

Noise Control Specialist understands the importance of sound quality in Restaurants & Bars. With our understanding of the acoustical requirements in these applications, combined with our extensive product offering, you have a trusted resource to help solve your acoustical challenges.

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